Here’s Why We Think North Korea Is On A Warpath!

Kim Jong Un seems to be going crazy. He is turning more belligerent, violent and a threat to those around him. He is threatening to annihilate the world with a nuclear attack, issuing challenges to US and generally becoming a nuisance!

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un seems to be going crazy.  He is turning more belligerent, violent and a threat to those around him. He is threatening to annihilate the world with a nuclear attack, issuing challenges to US and generally becoming a nuisance!  

It’s almost like he has something to prove to his people and the world, not realizing or caring what the consequences of his behavior may be!

He has put rockets on standby, threatened to settle accounts with the U.S., released propaganda videos and announced that it is in a state of war against South Korea. 

Though a hit on U.S. seems highly unlikely South Korea and Japan are not really out of danger. Despite the threats though, there is no sense of panic in Seoul and Thailand says their officials in Seoul have been asked to prepare an emergency evacuation plan of all Thai nationals in South Korea if hostilities erupt.

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North Korea

In all honesty news coming out of North Korea for quite some time has been really weird- calling it ‘fishy’ would not be an exaggeration!

It has in recent months opened up giving the world rare and so far unheard of glimpses of the country.  And amidst the whispers of whether North Korea was ready to embrace the modern world and present a mellow image of the long-isolated state.

Kim Jong Un

 Kim Jong Un

There have been visits of foreigners visiting and roaming in the country, photos of women sporting miniskirts and heels in downtown Pyongyang, instead of the customary traditional dresses and the new leader seen on several occasion with his wife by his side and interacting freely with the masses have stunned observers and analysts around the world. All the events do seem extremely well planned and almost orchestrated. 

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But the open belligerence and hostility of the recent weeks is really disturbing. Kim, however, seems to be oblivious to the dangers his acts are causing.

There could be war, death and destruction. But that doesn’t seem to be a worry for the young leader. What he gains from these threats and provocations is an answer many are seeking an answer to.

There are some scenarios that come to mind. The reality behind North Korea’s recent puzzling behavior could be explained by either or a number of the following:

Scenario One:

It may be just psychological warfare using the tensions for putting pressure on Seoul and Washington and gain aid and concessions as a prize of cooling down.

Foreign policy pundits say the time is just ripe for something like this! There are new administrations in South Korea, China and Tokyo, and President Barack Obama is making second-term changes to his defense, national-security as well as foreign policy.

Scenario Two:

He also needs to secure his power at the home front. A strong response by the U.S. or South Koreahelps rally domestic support and distract from economic problems.

He may just be trying to establish himself showing off to be the tough guy following in the footsteps of his stern grandfather who was much revered by his countrymen.

Scenario Three:

He ishighly influenced by others.Others stronger and influential than him! Many analysts believe the real powers behind-the-scenes are Kim's aunt and uncle.  Kim's aunt Kim Kyong-Hui and her husband Jang Sung-Taek, both 66 were appointed by late-Kim Jong Il to help his son secure his position as the new leader.

Kim Kyong-Hui, is the younger sister of late-Kim Jong Il, a four-star general and has been a central political figure in North Korean politics for the past 40 years. Her husband was a close confidant to late-Kim Jong Il and led the national guards in charge of protecting the head of state.

Many say Kim Jung Un’s body language shows fear and he is visibly subdued and rigid in the presence of his aunt and uncle as well as by his late father’s old guard.  People wonder who is the real Kim? The one who wants to bring his nation out to the world or the one intent upon bringing north Asia to the brink of a deadly war?

Scenario 4:  

Kim Jong Un is being used as a spawn by the US! Well, how does one go about compiling a piece like this and leave out a conspiracy theory maligning the evil that the US is? Maybe America just want its presence in the region and the recent exercise with South Korea is just a glimpse of what’s to come?

Whatever the case may be, we just hope the tensions do not escalate and peace prevails. It seems unlikely under the current scenario where things seem to be vacillating out of control.

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