Hero In Paris Kosher Supermarket Attack To Be Given French Citizenship

A hero that helped saved lives during the terrorist attack last week in a kosher supermarket in Paris, will be given citizenship.

Lassana Bathily, 24, from Mali, is being recognized as a hero in last week's attack on a kosher supermarket. 

Paris has been facing difficult times over two terrorist attacks that happened last week; one at Charlie Hebdo and the other at a kosher supermarket in Porte de Vincennes.

When gunman Amedy Coulibali began shooting hostages inside the supermarket, Bathily took several people to the back, hid them in the freezer, and told them to stay calm. He then turned off the lights and ran to get police. 

Now Bathily's request for citizenship has been fast-tracked by the Interior Ministry, due to a petition by the public. Lassana Bathily, a muslim from Mali, will soon be a French National.

17 lives were lost in the terrorist attacks in Paris last week, but due to Bathily's bravery at the Jewish supermarket, some lives were spared. Bathily, however, tells BMF TV, "We're all brothers", and "It's not a question of Jews, Christians, or Muslims."

Lassana Bathily's bravery has been rewarded and he will receive his citizenship soon.


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