10-Year-Old Girl Bitten By Shark Reenters Water To Save Her Friend

After this young girl escaped a shark's grasp, she realized her friend was still in danger and went back to save her.

A very heroic 10-year-old girl is recovering from injuries sustained when she was attacked by shark this week.

What really makes the pre-teen a symbol of bravery is that even after setting herself free from the shark’s grasp she went back into the water to save her 6-year-old friend.

In only about four feet of water, Kaley Szarmarck was playing in the ocean at Jacksonville Beach when a three-foot-long shark bit her leg.

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“She walked herself out of the ocean and she realized that the 6-year-old was still in the water, so she turned around and went back and got the 6-year-old and took her out of the water,” her father Dave Szarmack told a local news reporter.

Kaley received 90 stitches for a four-inch gash on two sides of her leg below the knee. The apple must not have fallen too far from the tree because Kaley’s father is a hero in his own right as a fireman.

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“You see all kinds of things as a fireman, but when you see your baby, even if it was a little blood, but this was, to see it, I was just, it was really difficult to see,” said Dave. “It was just tough. That's my little girl.”

Although Kaley will have a pretty serious looking scar, she has no permanent tissue or nerve damage and is expected to make a full recovery. 

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