Heroic Teen Runs Back Into Blazing Home To Save Baby Cousin

Laurel Dammann
With quick thinking and a lot of guts, a brave teen saved his infant cousin from the family's burning home. Firefighters are calling him a hero.

Wearing nothing but basketball shorts and sneakers, 17-year-old L.J. Gray ran back into his blazing home to save his 7-month-old cousin.

On Tuesday, the family's kitchen in their home in Kinston, North Carolina, suddenly went up in flames due to some overcooked food on the stove. Gray was in the backyard with other family members when his grandmother screamed as she was the first to notice the smoke.

His little cousin, Michari, was still napping inside. Gray ran in through the back and grabbed Michari, who was in a room adjacent the burning kitchen, according to WITN. However, with the fire quickly spreading, he was unable to exit the same way. He had to make a snap decision and dash out the front.

All this happened before the fire trucks had even arrived.

“As a firefighter, we’re trained with all of the protective equipment that we have — the bunker pants, the coats, the hoods, gloves — to go into these fires, and we’re trained to know our limits,” Fire Captain William Barss told reporters. “And this young man did it with even less than what an average person would be wearing on the street.”

Gray and his little cousin were thoroughly checked over by medics and determined to be miraculously free from injury. According to WITN, the fire annihilated the family's home and belongings, but Gray's grandmother says they can rebuild.

It could have been a lot worse, but thanks to Gray, the family is intact.

It's the kind of bravery that gives you hope.

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