Hershey's Bans British Chocolate From Entering U.S

Hershey's is declaring their chocolate independence from Britain.

Cadbury chocolate

Hershey's has banned the import of British chocolate into the U.S. For all those Cadbury chocolate lovers out there, you'll have to go overseas to get it.

The ban comes after Hershey's and Let's Buy British Imports agreed on a deal to stop Cadbury chocolate from making its way into the country. 

Some people are saying that Hershey is just jealous of Britain's chocolate, and even though Hershey's declared their right to make their own Cadbury, people say that Britain's Cadbury 'tastes better'.

There is a difference in the ingredients of the two Cadbury products. The British one contains more milk, while the American version contains more sugar and preservatives.

Also on the list of chocolates banned from entering the U.S are Toffee Crisps, Yorkie bars, and British Kit Kat bars,.

Those who are angry about this deal have started their own boycott, using #boycotthershey to get their point across:


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