High School Principal Caught In A Car With Male Student

A Florida high school principal was caught by authorities half undressed with a student, smelling like marijuana.

Associated Press reported that Mavericks High principal Krista Morton was discovered half undressed in a vehicle smelling of marijuana with one of her male students. 

Morton and the 18-year-old senior were parked near North Palm Beach, according to the report. Police were called to the scene due to complaints about sexual activity, according to Associated Press. 

Police say Morton initially claimed the student was a stranger she'd just met because she was lonely. The unidentified student, however, later admitted she was his principal. 

Morton was released from jail without bond a few hours later, early Thursday.

This begs the question of what series of events would lead to a school authority figure being in a secluded parked car with a student? 

Morton has declined to comment on the incident, but has been suspended from her position while the investigation is undergoing. 

"First and foremost is the best interests of the students in the school," Lauren Hollander, CEO of the school's management company, told the paper. 

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