Hillary Clinton Slams Donald Trump For His “Penchant For Sexism”

The democratic presidential frontrunner seized the opportunity to call out Trump on his bigoted behavior while galvanizing her female supporters.

Hillary Clinton

Earlier this week, when Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton’s bathroom break “disgusting” and said she was “schlonged" by President Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign, most Americans were rather shocked.

Voters immediately began calling out the Republican presidential frontrunner for his sexism, but there was one woman who apparently wasn’t surprised by the billionaire’s chauvinist rhetoric — Hillary Clinton.

“I really deplore the tone of his campaign, the inflammatory rhetoric that he is using to divide people, and his going after groups of people with hateful, incendiary rhetoric,” the former secretary of state told The Des Moines Register in an interview published Wednesday. “Nothing really surprises me anymore. I don’t know that he has any boundaries at all. His bigotry, his bluster, his bullying have become his campaign. And he has to keep sort of upping the stakes and going even further.”

Clinton said that while Trump should be denounced for his remarks, they were rather expected since they were coming from him.

“I don’t respond to him personally, because he thrives on that kind of exchange,” she added. “I think he has to answer for what he says, and I assume that others will make the larger point about his language. It’s not the first time he’s demonstrated a penchant for sexism. Again, I’m not sure anybody’s surprised that he keeps pushing the envelope.”

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Meanwhile, Trump being Trump, had to respond to Clinton’s statement.

“Hillary, when you complain about a ‘penchant for sexism,’ who are you referring to. BE CAREFUL,” the real-estate mogul and former reality TV star wrote on Twitter.

While Trump may or may not realize this, his bigotry has definitely given Clinton’s campaign new fodder to galvanize women.

Clinton’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri said earlier that they will not be responding to the business mogul’s sexist comments. However, they reportedly mobilized a wide network of female supporters behind the scenes to call out Trump as “sexist,” practitioner of “pathetic, frat-boy politics,” and a more suitable candidate for “president of the fourth-grade football team.”

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