Guns Could Put Hillary Clinton Directly At Odds With Bernie Sanders

Of all the new gun control measures to be proposed by Hillary Clinton, there’s one that would truly separate her from Democrat rival Bernie Sanders in the presidential run.

Hillary Clinton listens during the Boston Community

In her new ambitious plan aimed at reducing gun violence in the United States, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton will make a proposal against something her top Democrat rival Bernie Sanders voted for while a member of the House of Representatives.

Her announcement on Monday will come almost four days after the mass shooting at a community college in Oregon on Oct. 1 when a gunman killed nine people before committing suicide.

Clinton has vowed to go all-out against the National Rifle Association and gun lobby by proposing stricter background checks on weapon purchases and an increase in legal culpability for vendors at gun shows and online.

She added that if legislation failed in Congress, as president she would take executive action to tighten those loopholes.

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In the wake of frequent mass shootings in the country this year, gun control has become an even more important issue, especially with the presidential elections coming up next year. While Republicans have notoriously ignored the hot-button debate over gun violence, Democrat candidates have at least addressed it in their campaign speeches.

Of all the new measures to be revealed on Monday, the one that would truly separate Clinton from Sanders in the presidential run is her call to repeal a law under which firearm manufacturers enjoy protection from lawsuits filed by gun violence victims and their families.

Sanders voted for the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act as member of the House of Representatives. Clinton, who was then a senator representing New York at the time, voted against it.

Although it has often been established that Sanders is an unlikely yet real threat to Clinton’s campaign, it looks like his mixed-record on gun control and support of the NRA could land him in trouble in upcoming polls.

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