Hillary Clinton's Simple Life Lesson Is Something We All Need To Take To Heart

The (maybe? probably?) presidential contender imparts a great life lesson for when you get down in the dumps.

She's almost a one-name reference by now, but Hillary Clinton was asked to be a little more expansive: What three words would she use to describe herself?

No matter where you stand on Clinton or her potential 2016 presidential aspirations, no one can deny she delivered a succinct, memorable lesson for young adults, and young women in particular, at a town hall. 

After listing her three words -- you'll have to watch the video to find out -- Clinton noted that those words can change based on how she's living life. And, of course, how others are reacting to her.

As one of the most polarizing first ladies, then a politician in her own right, Clinton is no stranger to daily attacks on her character, looks and every other aspect of her life. 

"I think it's very important for you to take criticism seriously, but not personally, and don't let yourself get pulled down by other people's opinions," Clinton said. "I think what you think about yourself, what you say to others about yourself, really does affect how you present yourself and eventually who you are."

Watch the video to see what three words Clinton uses to describe herself. 

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