Hillary Clinton To Look Into 'Shady' BP Deal With Colonel Gaddafi

"Hillary Clinton piled diplomatic pressure on BP last night by agreeing to investigate claims it had accepted ‘blood money’ from the Libyans over the freeing of the Lockerbie bomber. The company was accused of ‘profiting from the release of a terrorist’ in an outspoken attack on the British firm by four prominent Democrat senators who have written to Secretary of State Mrs Clinton demanding an inquiry. She played into their hands last night by pledging: ‘I have received the letter and we will obviously look into it.’ The senators have called for beleaguered BP to be investigated over a ‘shady’ arrangement in which convicted bomber Abdelbaset Ali Al Megrahi was set free in return for lucrative oil licences. They questioned whether ‘justice took a back seat to commercial interests’. BP is already facing potential ruin for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill."