"Hip" Jeb Bush Hails Uber Cab, Driver Still Not Voting For Him

Jeb Bush and GOP company are keen on Uber and other superficial icons of hip, young liberalism. But here's one hip young vote he won't be getting.

Thirty five-year-old Munir Algazaly, an immigrant from Yemen, has been driving Ubers for a year and a half now, and most of his clients are unremarkable. And he likely didn’t expect that to change. Even as he pulled up to a San Francisco street corner where Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush was waiting, he remained unfazed. He didn’t recognize that he was driving the Republican frontrunner.

The GOP has recently voiced its support for the ride-sharing app, likely as an attempt to better appeal to the hip, young, and overwhelmingly liberal Bay Area demographic that they have barely any purchase in. 

It appears that they are yet unaware of the criticisms that some Democrats have launched against the Uber company for the meager benefits it offers its vast network of independent drivers.  

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If Bush was hoping some of Uber’s trendiness would rub off on himand if the following tweet is any indication:

he was, Algazaly may not have been the best target of his presidential-hopeful-enthusiasm. Algazaly admitted later that he rarely ever votes. 

But maybe this year will be different? The floodgate of reporters and flashing lights that quickly swarmed the car upon its arrival, and the experience of seeing Bush take questions from reporters, may be enough excitement to spur Algazaly to the polls this year.

Even so, the Bay Area resident says (as Bay Area residents are wont to say), he’ll probably vote Hillary. 

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