Comic Con Turns Violent As Driver Speeds Through Zombie Walk Crowd

July 28, 2014: Things took an ugly turn at the Comic Con last weekend.

Things took a violent turn at the Comic Con festival on Saturday when a car struck a female bystander during the annual Zombie Walk, the San Diego Police Department confirmed.

The shocking incident was caught on camera and is now being widely shared on the Internet with people debating over whose fault led to the accident.

In the video, the car can be seen stopping at an intersection, waiting for the marchers to lurch by. However, when some people try to jump on the hood of the car, the driver rolls forward to get out of the area.

It later emerged that the driver was deaf and was forced to accelerate after his children became disturbed by the sight of what looked to be a mob of blood-covered people stumbling around their vehicle.

According to the man’s statement to the police, when several people surrounded the car and began beating on it, it was then when he decided to move forward, unintentionally knocking down a 64-year-old woman, who fell under the car and suffered a broken arm. Two other people were also left with minor injuries. 

“The entire family in the car was deaf, and they were scared,” SDPD officer David Stafford told Deadline.

“The crowd started punching the windows,” Stafford said. “They even jumped on the hood of the car. They smashed the windshield.”

Contrary to the information provided by the police, the organizers of the SD Zombie Walk maintain that their participants had nothing to do with the incident. Other eye-witnesses claim the driver's window was broken only after he hit people, not before.

While investigation of the accident is ongoing, so far no arrests have been made.

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