Man Thinks He’s Saving A Dolphin, Rescues Something Else Instead

A tourist couple was walking on the Cornish Coast in the United Kingdom when they saw a helpless animal lying on the beach.

Nicolas Andre from Durham, U.K., was walking along the beach with his wife when he came across a couple struggling to rescue a large fish on the shoreline. He immediately stepped in to help save the 12-foot-creature by tying his shirt to the fish’s tail.  A video shows the two men dragging the sea creature, which they thought to be a dolphin, back into the water.

Only mid-rescue did they realized that the large fish was actually a basking shark.

“I started to help the man there, and I realized that it was not a dolphin but a basking shark of about 4 meters in length,” Andre said.

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“When it was back in the water, I took my T-shirt off the tail and it was a like a switch had been flicked — the shark just flew off.”

“I've never seen a shark that close  let alone touched one in my whole life,” he added.

Andre came away from the rescue a bit injured as his arms and legs had slight cuts, but according to him the shark was not aggressive and did not appear dangerous.

Numerous cases of tourists dragging animals out of the water to get a selfie with them have recently made it to the news, and it is heart-warming that this couple took the initiative to actually save the animal, even though doing so was not easy at all. However, tourists must be careful since basking sharks are known to regularly visit the Cornish coast in the summer months.