Honduran Students Murdered After Fighting For Safety

Four brave students took a huge initiative, only to pay the worst possible price.

Protests in Honduras After Student Critics of Education Minister Found Dead

4 students in Honduras were found brutally murdered after partaking in, and leading, several demonstrations against the Honduran government, after a bad decision was made regarding their safety, according to Telesur.

The protests were fighting to change the late time that schools let out, so that kids attending school would be safer. Many schools in Honduras are located in crime-ridden neighborhoods, and students are dismissed at 7 P.M, which is not the best time for anyone, let alone kids, to be walking home.

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The protests called to reverse a decision that extends each student's class by five minutes, elongating their school day to the point where students are putting themselves at a huge risk just by going to school.

The decision was made by Marlon Escoto, the Education Minister who believes that these extra five minutes per class will increase students' education. 

Apparently, an extra five minutes is more important than these student's safety, and the danger couldn't have been ever more symbolic when the four students fighting against this, were found dead in a scary twist of irony.

Honduras is one of the most dangerous countries in Latin America. 

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