Hong Kong Leader's Daughter Mocks “Silly Taxpayers” For A Diamond Necklace

Arrogance and ignorance at its worst. Chai Yan Leung, the daughter of Hong Kong’s embattled leader facing calls from protesters to step down.

As if things weren’t already bad for Hong Kong’s chief executive Leung Chun-ying, his daughter has made it a lot – lot – worse for her daddy.

Chai Yan Leung, the daughter of Hong Kong’s embattled leader facing calls from protesters to step down, drew the ire of fellow citizens, and people all over the world, after sarcastically thanking them for paying for her diamonds.

It all started when some users on her Facebook page criticized a necklace she wore in her profile picture.

In a thread of inflammatory comments, she mockingly expressed her gratitude to her critics, pointing out that the necklace, her expensive outfits and shopping sprees were paid for by public funds through her father's salary.

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And she didn’t stop at just that. She went on to insult the level of intelligence of her detractors. Read her full post in the screen grab below:

Of course, all social media accounts previously linked to Chai Yan Leung have been taken down. But some media outlets managed to get screen shots of her expensive taste in accessories.

Leung’s Facebook blunder did little to solve the problems surrounding her father, whose rule is witnessing “the longest series of political protests” since Hong Kong’s 1997 handover from the British to the Chinese government.

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CY Leung says he will not resign, but has offered talks between his government and pro-democracy protesters.

"I will not resign because I have to continue with the work for elections,” he told reporters this week.

While the protest leaders agreed to negotiate with the administration, they still insist the leader should step down.

Demonstrators have surrounded two Hong Kong government buildings, but have been warned not to try to occupy them.

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