Horrific Scenes From Valparaiso Where a Massive Forest Fire Has Broken Out

These are not computer generated scenes from a Hollywood blockbuster. This is what's actually going on in Valparaiso, Chile right now.

A monstrous wildfire has broken out in the Chilean port city of Valparaiso, killing four and destroying 500 homes in just six hours.

Spread over 660 acres of forest, eyewitnesses say it is the biggest fires in Chile's history and could turn into a massive disaster, if it isn't brought under control immediately.

Strong winds have fanned the flames, and they are now just two miles away from the adjacent city of Vina del Mar.

As soon as the magnitude of the fire became clear, President Michelle Bacheletdirected the country's army to take charge and help the locals leave the affected area. Thousands have been evacuated so far and rescue efforts are going on to avoid any further casualties.

"It's been one of the worst fires in history," said a veteran firefighter named Fernando Reseio in an interview with CNN.

The city mayor Ricardo Bravo agreed with that viewpoint and told La Prensa: "This is the worst disaster I've seen in Valparaiso. Now we fear that the fire could spread to the city center, which would increase the seriousness of this terrible emergency."

Here are some images and videos from the deadly Valparaiso forest fire:

8 muertos y 15 heridos de extremagravedad. Mas de 1200 albergados, 5000 damnificados. AYUDA AHORA #IncendioValpopic.twitter.com/pK4RTlzszV

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