GOP OKs $350K Of Taxpayer Money To Sue Obama

Surprise! The lawsuit is coming just in time for midterm elections.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are bound and determined to sue President Obama, approving up to $350,000 to take the president to court.

Conveniently, the lawsuit is flaring up just in time for the 2014 midterm elections this fall. The power balance of the Senate is up for grabs, though the House is expected to remain Republican-controlled. 

House Republicans picked law firm Baker & Hostetler for the price of $500/hour, not to exceed $350,000 total, ABC News reports. The House is suing Obama for supposedly abusing executive authority. 

House Democrats -- every single one of who, along with five Republicans, voted against suing Obama -- say the lawsuit is a waste of taxpayer money. Indeed, let's assume we can roughly double the $350,000 because the Obama administration will certainly defend itself against a suit. But what does either side care when it's taxpayer, not personal, money funding a GOP vendetta?

Maybe some of that funding should go into better technology. Rep. Candice Miller, chair of the Committee on House Administration, released the contract between Baker & Hostetler and the House for the lawsuit expenditure. The blurry PDF at least makes it clear that the $350,000 is a "firm cap."

This marks the first time in U.S. history the House will sue a president; there are more than a dozen cases of individual members suing presidents, but never the entire body.

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