House GOPers Actually Drafted Legislation To Fight 'War On Christmas'

House Republicans know to spend their time working on crucial public concerns -- in this case, drafting a resolution to combat a nonexistent "War on Christmas."

Our Congress really recognizes what’s important, what key issues are resonating with voters: Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado drafted a resolution which 36 Republicans have signed onto, affirming the need to protect Christmas. It’s not clear from what Christmas needs protecting, exactly—people who condone a more inclusive holiday spirit? Liberals?

 This “Christmas Resolution” garnered the attention of Lamborn’s Republican colleagues, who were more than happy to voice their approval of the idea that “symbols and traditions of Christmas should be protected for use by those who celebrate Christmas,” while “strongly [disapproving] of attempts to ban references to Christmas.” Riveting stuff.

Lamborn’s resolution maintains that 95 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas, which is untrue. 95 percent of Christians celebrate Christmas, but 81 percent of non-Christian also celebrate Christmas, so it’s difficult to see whatever ridiculous point conservatives are making about Christmas being under attack.

It’s quite comforting to know that this is what our elected officials spend their time doing, rather than focusing on trivial issues, such as gun safety legislation, or economic reform. The resolution will pass through the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, because apparently Republicans believe it has nothing better to do. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @csindependent
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