John Boehner’s Incredibly Stupid Plan To Sue Obama

June 27, 2014: Please John Boehner, stop whatever it is you’re planning to do.

John Boehner

In what is being called an outrageous move that is making the Republican Party look even more absurd than usual, House Speaker John Boehner announced this week that he plans to sue President Barack Obama for his failure to “faithfully execute the laws of this country.”

It all started when the U.S. president vowed in his State of the Union address earlier this year to act "with or without Congress" to get on with his plans.

Republicans were enraged, predictably, and on Wednesday, Boehner unleashed all his pent-up frustration by announcing that he would sue Obama over his use of executive actions, which have been used to pass on initiatives without congressional approval.

The current U.S. administration has signed relatively few executive orders compared to other modern-day presidents, which essentially means that Boehner doesn’t really have a lot of “executive actions” to file a lawsuit against and to make a good case.

Following are a couple of other reasons that can help explain the decision to sue Obama may not be a good idea after all:

He doesn’t have an action plan:

When asked, Boehner declined to say what specific executive action or actions he will challenge.

It basically means he isn’t really sure of the substance of his lawsuit and that is just not right because – well – it’s a lawsuit and he has to be specific whether he likes it or not.

He can’t do it, it's not allowed:

The speaker of the House does not have the ability to sue the president in this situation, even if the entire Congress supports Boehner.

The Daily Beast quoted Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the University of California, Irvine Law School, who explained why the lawsuit is not possible.

“Chemerinsky says 'standing,' the doctrine that allows a person to file a lawsuit in federal court by demonstrating that real harm has been caused to them, is defined by the Constitution. As a result, even if Congress passes a law, or in this case a resolution, which only requires approval by the House, it will not be binding on federal courts, as the Constitution trumps any law, let alone a resolution, and does not give members of Congress the ability to sue if they cannot prove real harm.”

Americans are calling him an “idiot” to do so:

John, obama

Americans are fed up of Boehner’s antics.

For them, the lawsuit is just another demonstration of how messed up the political system in the U.S. really is and how the Republican Party would do anything to maintain their grip over the country.

Here’s what U.S. users on Twitter have been saying ever since Boehner’s plans made headlines:

Time to rethink, John Boehner.

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