Houston iPhone Campers Robbed in Surprisingly Unique Robbery

What is surprising about gunmen robbing iPhone campers in Houston is that it hasn't been done before. At least, that we think so.

Apple Store Fifth Avenue, day of iPhone 5S/5C release

Campers for the iPhone 5S and 5C in Houston were not as lucky as customers at Apple's Fifth Avenue store, for they were robbed by armed gumen this morning. (Image Source:  Reuters)

Today, the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C was released to the insatiable fanboy masses and their lesser trendy allies.  It has become a ritual for Apple fans to camp out at the local Apple Store to await the release of the next iPhone or iPad, as is evident at the flagship Fifth Avenue store.  However, for a group of Houston iPhone campers, they got the worst, if most innovative surprise, this morning: Two armed robbers came and robbed them of their goods.

The iPhone campers were located at an AT&T Store in Uptown Houston at Westheimer Road at Chimney Rock, rather than the nearby Apple Stores at the Houston Galleria and Highland Village.  The iPhone campers chose the AT&T Store because the line would be shorter than the Apple Stores, and thus easier to pick up their iPhone 5S or 5C.  At around 5 AM, two armed gmen got out of a vehicle and started making demands.  At least two victims were forced to give up credit cards, phones, cash, and their iPhones and iPads.  The robbers then sped off with their loot.  Reports indicate the stolen credit cards were in use just minutes after the robbery.  Police are on the look out for the robbers.

Now, we here at Carbonated condemn all forms of criminal activity, but it is surprising that this is the first significant case of robbery involving iPhone campers, or campers for any eagerly-awaited tech product, that we have come across.  Camping for an iPhone 5S or 5C, or even something as basic as a new game console (of which there will be plenty of chances to do this holiday season) or holiday season toy, just seems to make people a ripe target for being robbed.  The campers carry a lot of cash, and in the case of Apple Store campers, they usually possess their Apple gear that they supposedly cannot be without, which fetch a pretty penny.  It was inevitable that a robbery of this nature would occur, we are just surprised that it has taken so long.

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