How Close Are We To Cloning Humans?

Is science ready to take a huge step forward? Read on.

While cloning might seem like a far-off, futuristic concept, society is actually closer than you think to revolutionarily replicating our genes. 

In 1952, scientists Robert Briggs and Thomas King cloned the first animal ever — a tadpole! This remarkable scientific experiment brought to life Dolly the sheep in 1996. The world’s most famous clone, Dolly, was the first mammal ever cloned from an adult cell.

Today, cloning has come so far that you can actually clone your beloved dog in South Korea — for a whopping $100,000! Sooam Biotech is the only lab in the world that clones dogs for pet owners.

The success of Dolly the sheep transferred into cloning human embryos from adult cells in 2014. The idea behind the innovative science is that, hopefully, in the future scientists could use the cloned embryo cells to create personalized transplants — completely revolutionizing medicine!

While we might be able to clone sheep and dogs, we are actually still a long way off to cloning humans. Sigh. Progress on cloning has come a long way, but cloned embryos still can’t survive until birth. Yet if in the last 60 years, science has gone from tadpoles to dogs, who knows what the next decades could bring!

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