How Do We End The Cycle Of Poverty? Start With High-Quality Preschools.

This is one investment that's going to pay off, big time.

Every child deserves access to an equal education. That should go without saying. But when you compare kids from wealthy families to those from poor ones, you can see right away that even if they go to the same school, there's a big academic divide.

That's because parents who are struggling to make ends meet on welfare simply can't provide the same kind of attention to their children's education that wealthy parents have the luxury of doing. The damage begins early -- by just three years old, while their brains are still critically developing, wealthy children have heard millions more words than poorer children have.

Oklahoma has a plan to lessen this gap between rich and poor students. They're working on implementing programs that produce "high-quality preschools," as in the video above.  These preschools help nurture young minds in the classroom and provide resources for parents to help their children at home. The project is supported by Tulsa billionaire George B. Kaiser, who said, "Maybe the reason that rich, smart parents had rich, smart children wasn't genetics, but that those rich, smart parents also held their kids, read to them, spent a lot of time with them."

Let's hope that these schools can be adopted as a bi-partisan, nationwide plan. Our children have no political party, They just want to learn.


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