Like J.Law's Leaked Pics, Bieber's Nude Photos Are Sexual Harassment

Paparazzi took a photo of a nude Justin Bieber--how is this any different from the leaked nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and other female celebrities?

Recent headlines about the nude photo of Justin Bieber that was taken by paparazzi have been circling the internet. These inappropriate yet tantalizing headlines, tempting people to look at a nude picture of a man without his obvious consent, prove a devastating point: men can be objectified, too, and sometimes, it can be even worse.

With some media outlets using incredibly inappropriate taglines and hashtags like "d*ng watch," how can one not cringe to think what more people would think if it was a woman in Bieber's shoes?

When the leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other prominent female celebrities hit the internet, many people went up in arms to defend these women, writing about how this was a complete violation of their privacy, and looking at the leaked images were perpetuating the sexual harassment of a human being.

Why are we not treating Bieber’s photos the same way?

It might be because some people believe that all men are sexual and want to be sexualized, so they think it’s funny or just in good fun. Others might be doing it simply because they think he is attractive, and since he is a celebrity, it’s fair game. For all we know, though, it could just boil down to the fact that the internet loves to hate Bieber.

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Regardless of your feelings towards him, however, sexual harassment and violating someone’s privacy is never okay. Some people need to be reminded that celebrities have the same right to privacy as everyone else; they unfortunately have the burden of working harder to achieve it.

If you are feminist, this is not funny, nor is it all in good fun. No feminist will ever think that the sexual objectification or sexual harassment of anyone is okay—male or female. Yet the rising of awareness towards the sexual objectification and sexual harassment of females might have led some down the slippery slope of thinking that since it’s happening to women, it should be happening to men as well.

That’s a dangerous way of thinking.

This obvious double standard, plain as day, should open up a discussion about the waking sexual objectification of men. Why is posting about a nude photo of a male celebrity fun, news-worthy, and treated as juicy gossip, while posting a nude photo of a female is wrong, immoral, and down-right sexual harassment?

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