How To Steal $50 Million In Diamonds: Major Heist At Brussels Airport

Diamond thieves pulled off a remarkably efficient, unchallenged heist of $50 million in diamonds at Brussels airport. Here's how.

UPDATE: Some sources are now saying the stolen diamonds were worth around $467 million. The thieves are still at large.

Step 1: Cut hole in fence.

Step 2: Drive van through hole, flashing sirens as if it was a police van.

Step 3: Steal $50 million worth of diamonds from Brussels airport.

This incredibly simple looking plan was executed perfectly by diamond thieves who took all of five minutes to drive onto an airport tarmac and make off with $50 million worth of diamonds. The diamonds were headed from the international airport in Brussels for Switzerland, but they never made it onto the plane. The diamond theives knew exactly when secuirty was at its lightest, and how to get to the diamonds unobstructed. Instead of being as clandestine as possible, they drove two black vans disguised as a police vehicles, complete with flashing lights. They struck while passengers were sitting on the plane, waiting for cargo to be loaded.

A spokesperson for the Brussels prosecutors' office said that eight "heavily armed and hooded" thieves, still passing as police somehow, loaded at least 120 parcels of diamonds into their vehicles and drove off, taking all of about five minutes to complete the operation. It is believed that the thieves cut a hole in a fence to gain access to the tarmac. Authorities later found a burned van near the airport which they believe was involved with the robbery.

No shots were fired, nor was anyone injured. The plan, it seems, went off without a hitch. The $50 million diamond heist is likely a morally repugnant act, given who it hurts and who it benefits, but Hollywood has conditioned us to think of major heists as incredibly cool. For now we can all hope that these thieves are more Robin Hood than Dillenger.

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