Howard Middle School Students Hold Protest For Teachers Who Were Allegedly Fired for Teaching Black History

Three social science teachers fired in front of students and escorted off school property. Parents and students are saying they were fired for teaching too much black history. Middle school students hold protest.

Students and parents at a charter school in Washington DC, Howard University Middle School, are protesting a decision to fire three social studies teachers for allegedly “teaching too much black history.”

DC Middle School Students Protest the Firing of Teachers

The teachers had allegedly taught material beyond the curriculum, even being asked to not discuss certain subjects such as the Mayor Marion Barry and Kwanzaa.  

Shannon Settle, a concerned parent, expressed her frustration:  “The school administration does not want the social studies teachers to teach African American history. We are on the campus of HBCU. We need to know our culture. The school is 90% African American.”

Principal Angelicque Blackmon is under fire for her decision to publicly serve these teachers pink slips and have police officers escort them off school premises in front of the students.  

Kameron Gains-Gillens, a seventh grade student at HUMS, said, “They were all escorted out by police officers because they were trying teach us things about our African heritage.”

The students have organized a protest complete with a list of demands. It started with a walkout at 11am Monday morning. 

Student List Demand

Students wrote signs and expressed their outrage at their organized protest. 

DC Middle School Protest Teacher Firings


Meanwhile, social media has joined in on the conversation and has expressed their support for the students and mutual outrage, tweeting with #MS2Protest. 



#MS2Protest TweetDC middle schoolers protest instructors firedMiddle school students protestStudents at Howard U. Middle School walk out

The D.C. Council of Education are investigating the claims. The school and administrators have yet to comment and are in the process of preparing a statement.

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