HSBC Staff Sacked Over Mock ISIS Beheading Video

The stunningly poor decision was apparently part of a team-building exercise.

HSBC, HSBC staff, ISIS beheading video

Damning footage (taken offline now) shows multiple HSBC United Kingdom employees wearing black outfits and masks standing around a colleague wearing an orange jumpsuit, all participating in a mock ISIS-style execution video.

One of the men is holding something that could be a hanger and another is yelling, "Allahu Akbar" – "God is Great" in Arabic, not unlike the ISIS executioners do in their execution videos.

Apparently the video was filmed during a team building exercise, and was briefly up on Instagram before being deleted. HSBC did not take the event lightly:

Needless to say HSBC is not getting a kind reaction to the event. If anything it adds to the bad fortune of the bank.

For quite a few years now HSBC has been in the news for one wrong reason after another. From money laundering to tax evasion, the bank has come out of one ditch and landed in another. This latest event is definitely not something to be brushed away and was bound to have repercussions – hence the swift action by the bank management. 

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