Chinese Wax Museum Becomes Laughing Stock For Its Horrible Statues

Marie Tussaud would roll over in her grave if she saw these ugly statues.

China is world renowned for its unmatched ability to create replicas of anything and anyone, but even the masters sometimes fail. And when they do, it's ugly and horrible – quite literally.

Sichuan's Huaying Mountain Wax Museum was supposed to copy the famed Madame Tussauds' art with a local touch. Instead, what they came up with a collection of wax dummies that are way off the mark and sometimes so hideously ugly that one can't help but shriek with horror.

Wax Museum China

First reported by People's Daily Online, the story of the museum's bizarre statues spread like wildfire and garnered widespread ridicule from Chinese people. Soon, it got picked up by the international press and even reached to the international celebrities, some of whom are now considering taking legal action against the museum for not just using their image without permission but also distorting it.

Ugliest Wax Museum

The disastrous nature of these figurines is a surprise since they were created by top Chinese wax sculptor, Zhang Shouxiang. In his own defense, Zhang says that the statues are almost 20 years old, while museum management claims that Asian faces are extremely difficult to perfect due to their flatness.

Wax dummies, Ugliest wax museum in China

Some of the featured statues were of global icons like Jackie Chan, Roger Federer, Jet Li, Stephen Chow, Andy Lau and Jay Chou – none of who look quite like their inspirations.

Perhaps, the Chinese should stick to what they know – plagiarizing cars and Frozen – and leave wax statues to the pros.

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