Hudsons Flight Recordings Released

The recording of the moments leading up to the crash of a passenger jet in a New York river has been released. The tape reveals the pilot, Chesley Sullenberger, calmly announcing "we are gonna be in the Hudson" before downing the plane in the icy waters. Released by the Federal Aviation Administration, Mr Sullenberger is heard discussing options with air traffic control after telling them a bird strike had wiped out his engines. After deciding that he would not be able to make any nearby runways, the pilot announces his intention to land on the water. "Im sorry, say again?" is the response he gets. The incident on January 15 has turned Mr Sullenberger - or Sully as he is known - into a national hero. His actions have been cited as the reason all 155 passengers and crew survived the crash, in what has been dubbed "the miracle on the Hudson".