Huge Explosion Rocks Russian Ammunition Depot

"Huge explosions and fire rocked a Russian ammunition depot on Friday, leaving dozens of people missing and prompting the evacuation of thousands of civilians nearby, officials and Russian news agencies said. The blasts and fire erupted while ammunition was being destroyed at the arsenal in the Ulyanovsk province, according to the Federal Security Service branch in the region, 430 miles east of Moscow. The explosions and fire continued to rage for hours. Provincial governor Sergei Morozov said 35 people who were working at the facility were considered missing, the Interfax, RIA Novosti and ITAR-Tass news agencies reported. Morozov was quoted as saying 10 people were hospitalized and 3-thousand people were evacuated. Television networks broadcast footage showing flames and thick clouds of smoke rising from the military facility, with frequent explosions lighting up the night sky."