Human Rights Watch Horrified At The Use Of Cluster Munitions By Saudi Arabia In Yemen

Death toll rises as the Saudi-Yemen Conflict heats up with cluster munitions.

Human Rights Watch Accuses Saudi Arabia Of Using Banned Cluster Munitions In The Saudi-Yemen Conflict

The ever troubled Middle East is sunken deep in yet another conflict: The Saudi-Yemen war. Human Rights Watch voiced concern when they found out that cluster bombs are being dropped near populated villages by the Saudi-led coalition in the northern Yemen.  Cluster ammunition, due to its intense collateral damage tendency, has been banned by 116 countries. Unfortunately, Yemen, the United States and Arabia are not included in this list.

The Human Rights Watch said that CBU-2015 Sensor Fused Weapons provided by the US are being used, which are designed to self-destruct in air if they fail to locate their target and deactivate after a short period. However, this design is less than perfect and the bombs have been known to stay dormant for a long duration, laying docile until they’re stepped upon and then explode -- killing or severely disabling the stepper.

Human Rights Watch Accuses Saudi Arabia Of Using Banned Cluster Munitions In The Saudi-Yemen Conflict

Saudi Arabia denied the allegation altogether as Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri said, “there are no foreign fighters in Yemen, so far," but only Yemeni forces being supported by Saudi Arabia. Asiri also criticized the HRW for spreading “not so solid” news as he claimed cluster ammunition had been used only against armored vehicles.

Responsible for supplying these arms to Saudi Arabia, US Department of Defense gave a statement promising to stop providing cluster ammunition to foreign governments who have more than 1% bombs left unexploded. However, this development is worthless to Yemen as it starts in 2018.

World Health Organization has recorded a minimum of 1244 deaths along with over 5044 injuries since March 19th, 2015. Additionally, airstrikes have also made it difficult for aid to be provided to the affected areas. 

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