The Humanitarian Crises That Remained Invisible During 2015

As the world zoomed in on the refugee crisis in Europe, humanitarian emergencies elsewhere were ignored and, in some cases, almost forgotten.

Over a span of four years, the world has witnessed Syria become a living picture of the greatest humanitarian tragedy of our time.

Rebel fights, chemical attacks and despotism in the civil war-stricken country are facts that have been well documented both on paper and in film. The issue came into the global spotlight in September after the heartbreaking images of a 3-year-old Syrian refugee boy’s lifeless body lying on a beach went viral.

Yet, despite extensive flow of information, from both inside and outside of Syria, not much has been done by the international community to help the affected population.

Imagine, then, how horrible the situation is for other countries facing similar crises that receive little to almost no mainstream media coverage. 

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Millions of people are currently in need of international assistance in embattled states like South Sudan, Burundi and Central African Republic and famine-struck countries such as Guatemala and Somalia.

However, very little information about their plight is available due to scant media attention.

As 2015 comes to an end, let’s take a look at humanitarian crises across the globe that need to be addressed along with the Syrian refugee crisis.

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