Humanity Rises To The Rescue During Devastating Floods In India

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu is currently experiencing its heaviest rainfall in a century, but hard times are bringing out the best in people.

During Floods In Chennai India

The southeastern state of Tamil Nadu in India is currently experiencing the worst and heaviest rainfall in more than 10 decades. The extreme downpour has already claimed at least 269 lives and is predicted to last for four more days.

While millions struggle to cope with the lack of basic necessities, Indian armed forces continue to rescue people stranded across the state — particularly in the capital city of Chennai  and supply food packets and medical aid to those in need.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that Chennai has turned into an island," said lawmaker Rajnath Singh, explaining the situation in one of the most populous cities of the county.

The floods have shut down markets, offices and schools  basically halting life, but residents of the affected state have proved that natural disasters cannot stop their humanity and urge to help others.

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One of the most heartrending instances from South India that recently made headlines is a harrowing video showing at least a dozen people banding together to save a drowning man

The footage, captured on cell phone camera, shows heroic bystanders abandon their vehicles and form a human to help a man trapped in a torrential stream of knee-deep water.

Although the video above went viral, it wasn’t the only act of heroism that came out of the devastating floods.

Many people took to Twitter and Facebook to share their experiences

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