Hundreds Will Gather Before This Mosque -- With The Worst Intentions

A verbal beatdown from Anderson Cooper wasn’t enough to make Jon Ritzheimer and his assorted Islamaphobes rethink their intentions.

It appears that their planned anti-Muslim demonstration, dubbed “Freedom of Speech Rally Round II” is due to go ahead at 6:15 MST today. Said protest will be held before the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix, in full view of families and children who had no part in Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi's actions. 

Jon Ritzheimer

Ritzheimer insists on the Facebook page for the event that the rally will be “peaceful,” but in almost the same breath sanctions the use of protestors’ “second amendment right” if need be, in a likely attempt to garner attendance from NRA advocates.

Besides the potential for literal violence, protestors will be meeting before the rally for a “Muhammad Cartoon Contest,” an ideological attack on Muslims who consider demeaning depictions of Mohammed to be blasphemous. The winner of said contest will be announced at the rally.

But they don't want this to turn into a “carnival,” okay?

By the looks of Ritzheimer’s revised rhetoric, he is taking measures to minimize further censure (all short of abandoning his bigoted views, of course) against himself and the event. The fact that the rally is being held so late in the evening suggests that the group’s bravado is wilting: most mosque-goers will be long gone by that time.

Whether they attend in actuality or not, over a thousand Facebook guests have marked themselves as “going,” a number and implication that is disheartening, to say the least.

But others are voicing their disgust online, questioning the group’s supposed “patriotism,” noting that their behavior is decidedly “un-Christian.” Some have notes Ritzheimer’s hypocrisy: he claims his support for first amendment rights, but deletes posts from his detractors.

He doesn’t seem to realize that a stranger’s online criticism is a feeble violation of personal space, security, when compared to the act he is about to perpetrate.

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