Appalling Videos Show Camerawoman Tripping Refugees At Hungary Border

The woman, identified as Petra Laszlo, worked for Hungarian broadcaster N1TV.

As hundreds of refugees fled from a holding camp at Hungary’s border with Serbia and marched down the country road chanting “Germany! Germany!” on Tuesday, a Hungarian camerawoman decided to get involved and slow down some of the fleeing refugees in one of the most appalling ways ever.

The woman, identified as Petra Laszlo, was filming Hungarian police chasing down refugees when she stepped forward and purposefully tripped a father who was cradling his infant child. Thankfully, a German correspondent captured the awful scene and soon published it on Twitter.

However, as it turns out, the man with the child wasn’t the only refugee Laszlo had tripped.

Another video soon emerged on social media, showing the camerawoman kicking two more refugees – including a little girl – as they tried to escape the Hungarian police.

The clips soon went viral on social media, sparking an outrage in Hungary and all around the world. Opposition parties even spoke of launching charges against Laszlo for “violence against a member of the community.”

Szabolcs Panyi, an editor at, tweeted Thursday that Laszlo had been charged with "truculency" but could face more serious charges. 

Laszlo's employer, Hungarian broadcaster N1TV, promptly fired her.

“The camerawoman’s employment has today been terminated with immediate effect, the case is now closed for us,” the channel’s editor-in-chief Szabolcs Kisberk said in a statement posted on the station’s website.


KÖZLEMÉNY/RELEASEAz N1TV munkatársa a mai napon elfogadhatatlanul viselkedett a röszkei gyűjtőpontnál. Az operatőr...

Posted by Nemzeti Televízió on  Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hungary currently faces an influx of refugees and migrants who are making their way into Europe. However, the country’s handling of the migrant crisis is a prime example of the how inadequately the rest of the world is dealing with this immense human rights problem.

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