Hungary Fears Second Toxic Wave

"The Hungarian village of Kolontar has been evacuated after new damage was discovered at a burst reservoir that spilled toxic sludge on Monday. Prime Minister Viktor Orban said it was ""very likely"" that an entire wall of the reservoir would collapse, releasing a fresh wave of chemical effluent. Mr Orban also said there would be ""very severe"" consequences for those to blame for the disaster. At least seven people have died as a result of the accident. Around 150 people were injured by the spill of up to 700,000 cubic metres (24.7m cu ft) of red toxic sludge - many receiving burns. Most of those killed were drowned or swept away in Kolontar as the sludge hit on Monday. The village is the closest to the reservoir, and would be expected to bear the brunt if there were a second spill. On Saturday morning, about 800 residents were taken to a sports hall and two schools in Ajka, 8km (five miles) away. Rescue team spokesperson Gyorgyi Tottos said the new damage to the northern wall of the reservoir was relatively minor, but villagers were evacuated as a precaution. However the prime minister, in a press conference at the scene, painted a more serious picture."