Hungary Sludge Leak Chief Executive Arrested

The head of the company at the center of a toxic spill in Hungary has been arrested on charges of public endangerment and harming the environment, authorities said Monday. Meanwhile, an eighth victim of the sludge has been found, said Gyorgyi Tottos, an official with Hungary's emergency services department. "We have found a body near Kolontar that is likely to be the missing person, who would be the eighth victim," she told CNN. "The identification process is ongoing, but we think this is the person who's been missing." Five European Union experts are due to arrive in Hungary on Monday to find out how badly toxic sludge has damaged the environment and advise on decontamination, the European Union said. And Hungarian authorities continue frantically building dikes in case the dam holding the sludge breaks further, the government said Monday. A "large section" of the dam is still showing signs of ruptures, the government said in a statement, meaning there is a "continuing risk of a possible spill." The area has been evacuated and soldiers were on standby Sunday, an official said. The cracked wall is expected to collapse, Tottos told CNN on Sunday. "We know that it will happen," she said, although when is unknown.Some 800 people have been evacuated from the village of Kolontar, leaving it essentially empty, she said. Hundreds of soldiers were at the ready to rescue inhabitants of a nearby village if the wall collapses. A 50-centimeter (19-inch) crack has developed in the wall of the aluminum plant reservoir. If the wall collapses, 500,000 cubic meters of toxic red sludge could spill out. That's about half the amount that spilled last Monday, inundating Kolontar and two other villages. In addition to the eight people known to have been killed, more than 100 were injured. Hungary's state-owned MTI news agency quoted Zoltan Illes, state secretary of environment, as saying the damaged wall could not be saved. Specialists had tried to reinforce the wall on Saturday. Hungari