People in Thailand Are Getting Arrested For Giving The 'Hunger Games' Salute. No Joke.

In what is arguably the most extreme overreaction to 'Hunger Games' ever, Thailand cracks down on the three-fingered salute.

Katniss Everdeen isn't just skilled enough to bring down the corrupt government of Panem, she also has Thailand coup leaders on the ropes.

In a move soaked in paranoia, Thailand's military is threatening to arrest anyone who uses the three-fingered salute made famous in "The Hunger Games" as a sign of rebellion. 

That's right, a fictional trilogy has people who just overthrew a government in a bloodless coup scared.

As "Hunger Games" fans will remember, the three-fingered salute became popular in the series as a silent protest against a dystopian, merciless government. Some characters who dared to give the salute were shot dead. 

Thailand's new military rulers are apparently as paranoid. Officials have their eye on large crowds and have threatened arrests for anyone giving the three-fingered salute, the Bangkok Post reports. Officers "would enforce the law and make arrests ... if necessary," according to the newspaper.

Memo to the junta: President Snow's similar paranoia didn't end well


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