Hunter Trampled To Death By The Elephant He Tried To Kill

Sometimes sheer size outweighs a man with a gun. The universe has its way of letting human know, despite our weapons, we're not always the dominate species.

Death By Elephant

Ian Gibson, 55, one of Zimbabwe's best known big game hunters, was killed when a young elephant bull charged at him and crushed him to death as he was leading a hunt.

Gibson was leading the hunt in Chewore North, Zimbabwe, when he spotted the bull elephant. He tracked the elephant until he was just about 150 feet away. The elephant then turned and charged, trampling Gibson to death. Gibson was hunting with a client, who was unhurt during the incident.

Paul Smith, managing director of Chifuti Safaris, said the exact circumstances of the incident were still unclear as the client and trackers are still too traumatized to speak about what happened. He also added, despite having only one leg Mr. Gibson was “fit and strong” and had already killed a leopard during the hunt.

News of the death was announced online by website Safari Classics: "It is with deep sadness to announce the passing of Chifuti Safaris professional hunter Ian Gibson."

Those who knew Gibson described him as “one of the most experienced professional hunters on the African continent.”

It’s a loss for the family and friends, though his death didn’t receive much sympathy online.