Photos Show How Far New Orleans Has Come In 10 Years After Katrina

Reuters photographer Carlos Barria returns to New Orleans to revisit the locations captured in his photographs a decade after Hurricane Katrina.

Reuters photographer Carlos Barria photographed some of the most devastating scenes of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath in New Orleans.

Almost a decade down the lane, he returned to the city to see how far the place and its people have come after the disaster which claimed more than 1,500 lives.

Barria went on to find the locations he had documented in 2005 and compared his old photos with new ones, of the same places, to show how New Orleans has remained defiant in the face of adversity.

New Orleans katrina

The print shows Errol Morning sitting on his boat on a flooded street, September 5, 2005, after Hurricane Katrina struck.

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Katrina New Orleans

This photo shows Michael Rehage squatting on the roof of his car, September 12, 2005.


This copy shows coffins removed from tombs, September 10, 2005, in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Hurricane Katrina New Orleans

A general view of the Memorial Medical Center, taken on September 13, 2005.

Hurricane Katrina

 A woman arrives with her dog at a collection point for victims of Hurricane Katrina, September 8, 2005. 

New Orleans Hurricane Katrina

The print shows Errol Morning sitting on his boat on a flooded street September 5, 2005.

New Orleans Katrina

Joshua Creek looks at the height that the floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina reached at his house on September 13, 2005.

Hurricane Katrina Photos

The print shows him sitting on the porch of his house on the same day.

Photos Hurricane Katrina

The image shows Tyler Teal cleaning up his home, September 14, 2005.

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