Hurricane Warnings Issued For Haiti-One Million People

(Examiner) Tomas has slowly intensified on Wednesday after weakening to a Tropical depression on Tuesday morning. The high wind shear that disrupted Tomas' circulation on Sunday-late Tuesday has greatly diminished, allowing for slow intensification on Wednesday.

Although the latest winds were reported as 45 MPH according to the 2 AM EDT advisory, a Hurricane Hunter aircraft investigating Tomas reported winds of about 50 MPH with a central pressure down to 999 MB or 29.50 inches at 1:15 AM CDT on Thursday, confirming Tomas' slow intensification continues.

National Hurricane Center forecasters are expecting Tomas to slowly intensify over the next 48 hours and become a Category 1 Hurricane, with winds of 75 MPH on early Friday. Latest computer models bring Tomas north-northeastward approaching Haiti on early Friday morning and into the southern Bahama Islands on early Saturday morning.