Man Gets Help From Strangers After Thieves Try to Ruin His Christmas

This Liverpool dad and his daughter almost had their Christmas snatched away but kind strangers helped them get it back.


Although there are always some Grinches at Christmas time, they never can beat the Christmas spirit.

Kenny Kenmure, a 34-year old dad from Huyton, Liverpool was left in tears on Christmas eve, when heartless thieves stole all the presents he had kept locked in his garage- including the ones he planned to give to his 4-year old daughter.

However many strangers came forward to help him out with donations when they heard of his plight. Although initially Kenmure refused their well-meaning gestures, later on he did accept some of the donations.  One of his friends, Brian Hughes, came forward with a £1000 and forced him to accept it, by keeping the names of the donors anonymous; all these donations helped him recover most of the presents for his little girl. You can take a look at his daughter’s priceless reaction as she sees her Christmas gifts for the first time in this video.

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The Liverpool dad was extremely touched by the selfless gestures from virtual strangers as evident from his Facebook post, where he has thanked all his anonymous helpers.

Merseyside Police has confirmed that they are looking into the matter and have encouraged everyone with any information to call the police department.

Kenmure is not the only victim of robbers at Christmas. In Muskegon, Michigan a small pile of gift meant for two little girls went missing from right under the tree. In West Yorkshire, a couple and their five kids had £500 worth of gifts stolen from inside their car. In both these cases, the police stepped forward to save the day by providing presents donated from friends and toy stores.

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