#IGotTheTalk: How Black Parents Prep Their Kids To Deal With Police

Long before the Ferguson riots, black families had to lecture their children about police interactions.

The tragic shooting death of Michael Brown and its violent, destructive aftermath are raising a lot of questions about police-involved killings, police militarization, First Amendment rights and much more.

Somewhat lost among the bleak headlines are that black families often prepare their children, especially their sons, for how to interact with police. 

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#IGotTheTalk and #IGaveTheTalk are trending on Twitter as more families shine a light something people may not even realize happens across America every day. 

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That this talk even needs to happen, that it happened long before Mike Brown and will continue after, is itself tragic. Black youth are often targets of cops rather than people to be protected. So many people have asked "How can we live in a country that [fill in the blank]..." while viewing scenes from Ferguson. 

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Well, how can we live in a country where black families have to have "the talk" as a matter of course with their children to prevent exactly the type of senseless killing Mike Brown faced?

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