There's No Ice In the Best Ice Bucket Challenge Yet

Ice Bucket Challenge videos are fun to watch, but there's a bigger goal. Let's remember that.

First there was the Ice Bucket Challenge. Then there were people changing it up for an even bigger viral sensation (Chris Pratt and his vodka, Charlie Sheen and his money).

But the best take on the Ice Bucket Challenge by far is this simple video. It's not about gasping from cold water. It's about the very real, very tragic toll ALS takes on its victims from a son whose mom succumbed to the disease.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a beast. It kills motor neurons slowly but surely. First victims have trouble moving. Then they become paralyzed. Muscles atrophy, swallowing becomes impossible and eventually, agonizingly, many patients suffocate because they can no longer breathe.

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"Imagine one day your legs stop working. You can feel them but you can't move them. Then your hands and arms stop working. You can't move them at all. 

"You can still feel everything, so if you have an itch somewhere -- too bad, you can't scratch it. If your muscles get sore from sitting or lying in the same position too long -- it's too bad, you're stuck unless someone else helps move your body for you."

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Researchers are working to discover all they can about ALS and come up with a cure. The Ice Bucket Challenge is helping the ALS Association fund that research. The association has seen "unprecedented" donations, pulling in $15.6 million in donations over the past three weeks -- a whopping 776 percent jump from the same time last year. 

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When you take up the Ice Bucket Challenge, or watch the many videos of people taking it on, just remember what the purpose is. ALS has no cure. Let's find one.

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