Ice City Resurrected In China (Video)


The 29th HarbinInternational Ice and Snow festival opens in freezing cold with an opulent display of illuminated ice and snow structures.

This year the structures are equipped with LED lights, bringing a warm glow to the icy wonderland where temperatures easily dip below -26 degrees Celsius or -15 degrees Fahrenheit.

But that didn't deter 23-year-old Huang Yanjiao who kept a warm disposition.

"My feet had gone numb even before I came here. But once I am here, I get very excited. I don't feel cold any more when I see these beautiful sculptures. The travel is worth it."

The winter wonderland stretches for 600,000 square meters, or about 6.5 million square feet and features castles, sculptures and even a giant ice slide.

While the festival only runs for two months, from January until the end of February, more than 13 million people visited last year.

Organizers expect even more visitors this year.

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