If Dems Promote Diversity, Why Are All The Candidates Old And White?

Something is definitely wrong when the Republican GOP has a more diverse lineup than the Democrats.

Whether you watched the first democratic presidential debate or not, it’s painfully clear that the liberal lineup is seriously lacking in ethnic diversity.

The irony here is that the Democratic Party relies heavily on people of color to win elections. To add insult to injury, the Republican GOP lineup, despite their archaic views, looks more like a modern representation of “America” than the dems!

What’s up with that?

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Why Are All The Candidates Old And White

Why Are All The Candidates Old And White

Although the media has mostly ignored the disparity, voters on Twitter from both political parties have been very outspoken about the democratic lineup being so old and … well, vanilla. 

In addition to having their token female candidate, Carly Fiorina — just as the Democrats have Hillary Clinton — Republicans also have Cuban-American Marco Rubio, African-American Ben Carson and Indian-American Bobby Jindal on their side, making the 2016 GOP the most culturally diverse lineup of  presidential candidates to date.

Not to mention, they aren't all eligible to receive senior citizen discounts at IHOP. 

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Although it would be ideal to see more of a mixed bunch on the democrats side, they are still favored among minority groups because, let's face it ... members of the GOP (including the candidates of color) are proving to be racist and cuckoo.

A new program, The B.L.U.E Institute — which stands for "Building Leaders and Uplifting the Electorate" — aims to help the Democratic Party increase diversity by staffing more young people of color on campaign teams. 

“If we want to have sustained and meaningful engagement with people of color, and if we want to create a diversity in how the staffing looks as a diverse rising American electorate gains prominence in the South and Southwest, then we have to start now,” said Georgia State House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams (D) who hosted the first B.L.U.E institute in partnership with the Service Employees International Union, Power PAC and Inclusv.

The program trains participants in how to write a campaign plan and develop a message, fundraise, target voters, deal with the press, and recruit and manage volunteers and ends with a job fair featuring representatives from major democratic organizations, The Huffington Post reports. 

While this program is a notable step toward more diverse representation in future campaign teams and candidate lineups, for now, left-wing voters will have to rally behind whomever becomes this election's primary candidate — knowing that they will inevitably be old and white

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