Images Show Devastating Aftermath Of Massive Chile Quake

Families have lost their homes, loved ones and livelihoods following the magnitude 8.3 earthquake that struck off the Chilean coast.

The powerful magnitude-8.3 earthquake that struck off the coast of Chile has killed several people and left more than a million residents displaced from homes that are now scattered among the streets, reduced to debris and rubbish. 

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chile earthquake

chile earthquake photos

images of chile earthquake

In addition to the massive quake and it's severe aftershocks, authorities issued a tsunami warning for the whole Andean Nation's pacific coast.

Ocean waves became so strong during the quake, ships were dragged onto residential streets.

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chile quake

earthquake struck chile

The city of Tongoy was hit by a tsunami shortly after the quake hit. Chile's president, Michelle Bachelet, declared the cities of Tongoy and Coquimbo as catastrophe zones due to extensive flooding caused by the tsunami. 

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The natural disaster also sparked fears of tsunamis hitting other countries along the Pacific coast, warnings were issued in Japan, New Zealand, Russia and in two U.S. states, California and Hawaii.  

earthquake in chile photos

chile earthquake images


Chile is reportedly one of the world's most earthquake-prone countries as the Nazca tectonic plate located underneath the South American plate pushes the Andes to higher altitudes. 

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