In 2 Years, Her Trash Fits Inside Mason Jar

This girl knows how to reuse and recycle. How much trash do you throw away in a day? A week? A year? What about two years? It's probably a lot.

Lauren Singer

After all, Americans produce 4.4 pounds of trash on average per day. However, this girl only produced enough trash that all of it fit inside a 16 oz mason jar.

How did she do it? The 23 year old, Lauren Singer, discusses all of her effortless recycling and reusing on her blog. But, she was nice enough to answer some questions in an interview. 

Singer has recently started her own business, in which she is creating her own 'handmade, organic, vegan' laundry detergent. And if there is anyone who knows best how to make this sort of thing, it's the girl who doesn't need even one garbage bag in her house.

One thing she says she has in her mason jar of trash is a used band-aid. She said a lot of the other trash consists packaging that mistakenly fell into her hands, and if she couldn't reuse it for compost or recycle it, it ended up in the jar. 

Everyone should take a lesson from this girl. If we could all produce as little trash as she does, we would certainly be on our way to a better world. 

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