'In Dog We Trust' Rug Sells For $10,000

A rug at a sheriff's office with a very funny typo has just sold for nearly $10,000,

In DOG We Trust

The Pinellas County Sheriff's office in Florida ordered a new rug last week, but when they received it they were surprised to see it read, "In Dog We Trust" instead of "In God We Trust."

The sheriff's office could've exchanged the $500 rug for one without the typo, but they had a better idea.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri took his 'doggone rug' and decided to auction it off and donate all the proceeds to an animal shelter.

The shelter, Canine Estates Inc., expected to get a few hundred out of the auction. But the founder, Jane Sidwell, told Bay News 9 that she had no idea that the bids would escalate so high.

And that's how a $500 rug raised $9,650 for a shelter, which will use the money mainly on vet bills.

Sometimes you just need to trust in Dog.

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