Narendra Modi’s ‘Low-level’ Take On ‘Low-caste’ Politics Is Devious

May, 7, 2014: The man suspected to be behind 2002 Gujarat riots is inflaming public sentiment yet again.

The Indian Election campaign is getting fervid as it heads towards its final phases. India’s two leading parties, Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and Indian National Congress (INC), are competing for the top office.

While election fever is getting hotter by the day, the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, is pulling more tricks out of his sleeves.

His latest stunt of using his ‘caste background’ to attract voters caught the attention of media and drew ire of the opposition.

According to Modi, who belongs to a disadvantaged Ghanchi cast, the ruling Congress "has been targeting him over his background".

It began with a remark by Priyanka Gandhi, the daughter of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, that her party workers would "reply to his [Mr Modi's] low-level politics".

In a retort to Gandhi’s remark, Modi said on Tuesday at an election rally, "If I am wrong, you have the right to question Modi, but you are now abusing my caste… You can insult Modi as much as you like, you can hang him, but do not insult the lower castes… We are poor and downtrodden people from lower castes, but stop commenting on our lower caste."

The Congress says that the BJP has "distorted" Gandhi's statement "to gain political benefits".

His attitude has validated Gandhi’s remark about the low-level politics.

A seasoned politician like Mr. Modi should realize that contorting the statements of the opponents for political gains is destructive when it comes to sensitive issues. Nevertheless, we should not expect anything better from the man who was allegedly responsible for inflaming public sentiments in the 2002 Gujarat riots.

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