If You're Trying To Smuggle Gold, Don't Swallow It. This Is What Happens.

People do a lot to avoid paying taxes, but swallowing almost a pound of gold seems extreme.

An Indian man is probably wishing he had just ponied up the import taxes after surgeons removed nearly a pound of gold from his stomach. 

The unnamed man was allegedly smuggling 12 gold bars, weighing 33 grams each, into India to avoid paying taxes, according to CNN. But the plan failed when the gold caused an intestinal blockage that sent the man to the hospital with severe stomach pain.

Surgeons thought they were looking for a bottle cap the man claimed he swallowed. Instead, they found the gold booty, valued at more than $23,000, according to the Daily Mail

Besides the taxes the man will now presumably have to pay anyway, he's facing a customs probe.  

(On the upshot, gold apparently has no nutritional value, so at least he didn't gain any weight from his exploits.)

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